SizeGenetics Reviews – The Disadvantages and Advantages


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SizeGeneticsSizeGenetics is a special medical device designed to help you increase the size of your penis. The device is manufactured by a British company and is certified as a safe medical device.

It is simply attached to the penis and worn for a couple of hours. Used properly, this device can actually increase the length of your penis by several inches.

The device is designed to successfully increase the girth and length of the penis, increase hardness of erection, straighten curved penis and give better control over orgasm.

How SizeGenetics works:

To understand how this device works, you first need to know that the penis is made up of several spongy muscle tissues. This penis extender device works on the penis muscles just the same way as lifting weights work to increase and strengthen the muscles of a body builder.

When attached to the penis, the penis stretcher device will slightly stretch the muscles of your penis and cause your body to supply more blood to the Copora Cavernosa. This is the part of the penis that is filled with blood during an erection. This slight stretching causes the cells of the Copora Cavenosa to duplicate and produce more healthy cells. Within a short time, this portion of the penis becomes bigger and is able to contain more amounts of blood during an erection. You thus get bigger and stronger erection over time.

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The main advantage of this penis extender device is its comfortableness. Unlike other penis stretching traction devices, Size Genetics comes with a comfortable strap and a complete comfort 16 way tech system. You also get an After Care Moisturizer and the Traction Plus Powder when you purchase the ultimate product package for extra during and after use protection.

Other advantages of the product include guaranteed success within 4 months and full purchase refund if not satisfied within 6 months. There are also some extras included in the ultimate product package including additional spare parts, fashionable travel case, free shipping, instructional DVD and DVD on massage techniques and sex positions.


Disadvantages of this product are really not many. One disadvantage is that the product can only be bought online and may cause minimal discomfort in the beginning stages of use (this quickly fades after a short while).

My research on SizeGenetics suggests:

My research on this penis stretcher suggests that it is the ideal device for people who are really seeking a safe non-surgical method to increase the size of their penis. This device uses simple natural techniques to increase penis size as well as sexual performance and boost male confidence.


This is one product certainly worth having. The ultimate package is a better deal, but if that is too rich for you, then you can buy the basic package. There are a lot of advantages associated with a larger penis. When you also consider the fact that it comes with an iron- clad money refund policy, you will agree that it is certainly worth a try.


Product: SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Return Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

Shipping: Very Discreet

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